BSCM was established in 2011 and registered with the District Registrar of Punjab, is lso registered. BSCM if’s providing legal assistance to the needy people since 2011 to 2013. Now BSCMI is focusing on Poverty reduction & Unemployment. (Founder & Chairman (BSCM) is the architecture of this innovative program which was started in 2011. BSCMI is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable organization, which helps the poor and needy people of the society without any discrimination of cast, creed, sex and color.

Fighting Against Unemployment and Poverty
BSCMI has started fighting against unemployment and Poverty, because unemployment is the root cause of poverty and all crimes. Unemployed [erspms get frustrated with their live and after that he/she will chose the short cut for earning money. Not only earn money they also commit different crimes and suicide as will. So after analyzing these aspects BSCM decided to make its focused project to unemployment and poverty.

Our Secondary Goals
• Women protection
• Human Civil Liberties
• Drug Addiction Child Labor.
• Detained in Jails/Police Excesses
• Child Abuse
• Providing Special Care and Help to the special people
• Also emphasizing to provide free medical Assistance
• Free Education
• Free Vocational Training etc. to the neediest people.
• Out Reach Programs
• Church Planting
• Helping to orphans
• Widows with food package
• Natural disaster Ministry

Our Vision
Raising Achiecers through Discoveries and Fulfillment of God’s Purposes.

Working with the churches, pastors, Ministries, & go with Jesus to all Nations: To make God’s Good News known Communities to children, young people and families.
To encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer. Teachings So as to they may Come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, Grow in Christian maturity. Become both committed church members and servants of God.