• Preaching the word of God undiluted
  • Winning souls for Christ
  • Teaching people to do business God’s own way
  • Creating an Environment for Transformation and Liberation
  • Developing Excellence-Driven People


Vision Statement

BSCMI as a Leader Empowering lives, creating opportunities and strengthening the bond of humanity.


Mission Statement

BSCMI is committed to serve humanity by integrating resources for people in need. We strive to provide immediate response in disasters, and effective programs in places of suffering, for the pleasure of Jesus Christ


Who We Are

BSCMI is a global humanitarian relief and development organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world. In addition to our emergency relief efforts in natural or man-made disasters, we also work on long term relief and development programs.


BSCM Organization Pakistan Emergency Response

Relief is being provided in villages in the provinces of Punjab.

  • Cooked meals. Food
  • Clean drinking Water
  • Health Care
  • Shelter